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12 Must Have Waistcoat Sewing Patterns for a Chic Summer

by Polina K
puff and pencil waistcoats

We’ve been dreaming of laid-back tailoring this summer. In particular, our days and nights have been filled with thoughts of the epitome of summertime chic: the women’s waistcoat.

Worn with a pair of flowy trousers, it’s the perfect ensemble for sipping a glass of chilled rosé by the Thames or wandering through a countryside garden in full bloom. It’s elegant, relaxed, and a minimal-effort outfit that oozes high-end style. 

If you’re just as smitten with this summery trend as we are, we’ve got you covered. The Good Fabric team has put together a collection of our favourite waistcoat sewing patterns to make all of your laid-back tailoring daydreams come true. 

A Quick Note on Waistcoat Sewing Pattern Fabrics

Before diving headfirst into all of our gorgeous waistcoats, we, of course, wanted to mention fabrics. Would it be a Good Fabric blog if we didn’t?

For your waistcoat sewing pattern, we recommend something light to match that relaxed vibe, with just a little bit of weight and structure to hold the shape.

Soft and breathable linen fabric is our go-to choice, making that easy-breezy look so effortless with its wonderful drape. You can also switch things up and try a viscose-linen blend for a slightly smoother handle. 

Linen ticks all of our boxes as a summer fabric. It’s lightweight, breathable, and one of the coolest fabrics to wear on a hot day. Made from flaxseed, it’s also completely natural and a wonderful option for our sustainable sewists.

You’re going to need some super cute sustainable buttons to finish your waistcoat sewing pattern, too. We’re head over heels for the Pigeon Wishes range at the moment. How amazing are these Solstice Buttons made from a bio-resin of wood and cotton? Don’t even get us started on the Barbiecore Buttons, either. We’re actually in love. 

Now, fabrics and buttons aside, it’s time to jump into our favourite waistcoat sewing patterns for the summer. Some of these may look similar on the surface, but the devil is always in the details.

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Puff and Pencil PDF Waistcoat Sewing Pattern

Waistcoat Vest by Puff and Pencil

Cinch in your waist with this figure-loving silhouette.

Puff and Pencil’s Waistcoat sewing pattern is all about creating a beautiful silhouette. The adjustable belt on the back of the waistcoat allows you to tighten the top around your curves for a shape that’s tailored to your body.

miller waistcoat sewing pattern by merchant and mills in cream linen

The Miller by Merchant and Mills

Embrace androgyny with smart tailoring.

Merchant and Mills never let us down. The Miller Waistcoat is a pattern that’s gorgeous in its simplicity, with clean lines and a slightly boxier fit working in perfect harmony. A higher neck provides plenty of coverage, and the pattern features two welt pockets and a back belt.

Viki Sews Liliana Vest Sewing Pattern

Liliana Vest Sewing Pattern by Viki Sews

A feminine take on fitted waistcoats.

The Liliana Vest by Viki Sews veers towards the smarter side of smart-casual tailoring. The neat lines follow the curves of the body, with bust darts and tabs on the back that fasten to create a more prominent waist. Double welt pockets pull together the neat, minimal look.

waistcoat in black by mainson fauve

Pompon Waistcoat by Maison Fauve

A free waistcoat sewing pattern for our girlies on a budget.

Oh, we do love a freebie. With a lining, pockets, and back belt, the Pompon Waistcoat pattern is a brilliant choice for getting to grips with the basics of waistcoat sewing without spending any money.

You can even use leftover fabric to make this a zero-spend project!

Bennie Vest by Bella Loves Patterns

Bennie Vest by Bella Loves Patterns

She’s simple, she’s elegant, and she’s one of our favourites.

The Bennie Vest is a go-to waistcoat sewing pattern for our team. With slanted double jetted pockets and front princess seams, it’s a clean look that emphasises the subtle beauty of good tailoring. A slightly longer front hem gives it a little jazzy touch.

model wearing denim patchwork vest

Rabat Vest Sewing Pattern by Ikatee

Switch up your style with this waistcoat-jacket crossover.

Ikatee is giving creative-queen vibes and we’re here for it! The Rabat Vest is somewhere between a waistcoat and a sleeveless jacket, with plenty of choice to play around. Choose from different necklines, closures, lengths, optional pockets and belts.

model wearing denim vest over stripey long sleeve top

Veronica Vest by Just Patterns

Calling all elegant ladies!

The Veronica Vest is one for our classic and classy gals, with a sharp-angled hem and traditional tailoring seams making this a summer staple. We see this with a pair of smart trousers, layered jewellery, and some simple pumps for a go-to outfit.

model wearing grey waistcoat with a cap

Waistcoat Sewing Pattern by Grasser

Did the traditional waistcoat just get even chicer?

The waistcoat is already a classic look, but we love that this round-neck pattern by Grasser makes it somehow even more chic. With buttons from top to bottom, princess seams and darts, and back tabs for a cinched waist, this might be the most elegant pattern on our list.

model wearing lilac waistcoat

Viviene Waistcoat by Fibre Mood

Loosen up and chill out with a laid-back summer mood.

Looking for something a little looser? We recommend the Viviene Waistcoat sewing pattern. With no tie-up tabs or belts, it gives a relaxed fit that’s undeniably Parisian and effortlessly cool. Little pockets and neat seams keep the look tailored, for that model-off-duty chic.

model wearing vest and trousers in matching yellow colour

Pipit Vest by Common Stitch

An oversized waistcoat sewing pattern for heatwave days.

For an oversized style, we simply love the Pipit Vest. You can sew this as a normal waistcoat length or opt for a longer, flowy look - did someone say boho-chic? Add sleeves, switch up your sustainable buttons, and work with different linens for a really versatile pattern.

model wearing smart vest and trousers

Joy Woven Vest by Style Arc

Easy tutorials for our sewing beginners.

Never sewn a waistcoat before? With the Joy Woven Vest, you don’t have to worry. Style Arc has a fab step-by-step tutorial that takes the anxiety out of your first waistcoat sewing pattern project. A simple, loose fit and faux pockets make this a simpler make for beginners, too.

3 women wearing waistcoats

Women’s Everyday Waistcoat by The New Craft House

Ditch the buttons for an ultra-minimalist look.

The Everyday Waistcoat waves goodbye to buttons and pockets for a really simple, super cute look. Binding on the edges adds a little structure and lets your fabric choice shine, while optional ties are perfect for a cottagecore aesthetic. Oh, she’s sweet!

Show Off Your Waistcoats!

Now you’ve got all the waistcoat sewing patterns you’re ever going to need (you’re welcome!) it’s time to start thinking about styling. We love a matchy-matchy set so sewing a pair of flowy trousers in the same linen is always going to be a killer look. There’s also the trend of pairing your waistcoat with jeans and nothing else - well, aside from maybe a bra, but only if you feel like it. #freethenipple right ladies?

Really, though, waistcoats are super easy to style with pretty much any trouser choice. The key is to choose a look you feel comfortable with and a waistcoat sewing pattern you love. Once you’ve created your go-to summer ensemble, show it off on Instagram.

You can share all of your looks with us over at @good_fabric_store and join our super-duper sustainable sewing community. We can’t wait to see you there!

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