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Wholesale sustainable fabrics

I’m Polina, founder of Good Fabric and lover of all things sustainable in the sewing world. If it’s wholesale eco-friendly fabrics with small MOQ you’re hunting for, you’re in the right place.

Before supplying sustainable fabrics to our wonderful community, I worked for 12 years as a product developer for big-name brands including Burberry and Ted Baker. I know what’s it like to run fashion businesses, keep a brand afloat, and work to strict deadlines, and I also understand your need for a supplier you can rely on.

In other words? I get you.

Polina, owner of Good Fabric store folding fabric
Why Choose Good Fabric?​

Keeping a small business afloat isn’t always easy. That’s why we don’t go crazy with our prices. Instead, we balance our eco-values with realistic costs for a blend that helps everyone sleep better at night.

For startups, tiny teams, and fashion brands that work in small runs or made-to-order, you’ll also love that there’s tiny minimum order.

Finally, am I right?

I also manage all the tricky compliance that comes with wholesale orders from overseas, like imports, VAT, duty fees and customs clearance. Sourcing sustainable fabrics has never been simpler. 

(quick note: I don’t currently supply fabrics for direct resale in other fabric stores or to any businesses outside the UK)


Our mission at Good Fabric is to make eco-friendly, stylish fabrics available to everyone. We don’t just focus on beige cotton and unbleached linen (though you can find your go-to nudes for a laid-back vibe) but also on bold patterns and bright colours, dyed with the environment in mind. 

We love all things au natural and polyester is our biggest enemy. We also have a soft spot for organics and have the eco credentials to back this up. 

What you see on our website is only a portion of the eco-friendly fabrics on offer. We work with tons of suppliers and have contacts all over the sewing world. If you can’t see the wholesale fabrics you’re looking for on our site, get in touch with your wish list and we’ll see what we can do.

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For more insider tips check out our post on “How to source sustainable fabric for small brandsor to learn more about our sourcing and order process, do get in touch. 

We can chat more about order quantities, fabric wish lists and scope out the scale of your wholesale sustainable fabric needs.

We’ll wave our eco-friendly wands and find what you’re looking for. 


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