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Organic Cotton Tubular Ribbing Fabric in Lavender Haze

Lavender Haze ribbing fabric for cuffs, waistbands and necklines, a perfect match to our Lavender Haze organic cotton jersey.

Unlike 2×1 rib knit fabric, this one comes knitted as a long tube or a sock if you prefer, just without the toe bit. To use it, cut the tube open and voila, 70cm wide 1×1 ribbing.

£11.50 per metre

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Fabric description

Lavender Haze cotton ribbing is perfect match for our Lavender Haze cotton jersey fabric.

Our cotton ribbing are all organic GOTS certified and come with matching t-shirt weight jerseys.

Use this tubular 1×1 ribbing fabric for cuffs and neckbands on jersey t-shirts and jumpers.

Tubular means  it is it is knitted in a long tube, like a sock but without the toe bit. To use it, slash the tube and open the fabric. It will measure 70cm wide, so not always possible to use it as a main fabric

Tubular ribbing in comparison to 2×1 rib knit is fairly flat and is little bit thinner due to lack of visible ridges. This makes is perfect option for trims on your t-shirts.

Fabric facts & care

Eco credentials

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is by far our favourite eco credential. GOTS stands out from all other eco credentials due to is its holistic approach to ALL stages and processes that are involved in creating ethical fabrics.

We love this fabric for...

We love this fabric for Baby clothing, Cardigans & jumpers, Hoodies & sweatpants, PJs & sleepwear, T-Shirts, Underwear.
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