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GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is by far our favourite eco credential. GOTS stands out from all other eco credentials due to is its holistic approach to ALL stages and processes that are involved in creating ethical fabrics.

First and foremost, the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides and GMO is banned by this ethical standard. When these chemicals are sprayed, they get to the soil and water, killing insects and fish which results in lack of food for birds and animals. It becomes a never-ending circle of destroying the sustainability of our planet. These synthetic chemicals have a link to serious health issues in humans, so here is a reminder for you, make sure you ALWAYS wash anything you eat

Other areas that GOTS cover is social welfare including fair wages and working conditions, no slave or child labour. This is the ONLY textile certification that addresses this.

We all know that Earth is trouble, so UN have proposed 17 goals to help reverse the damage and preserve the planet. GOTS criteria addresses all 17 goals within its certification, so when you support organic fabrics with your buying power, you are directly contributing towards Sustainability of our planet.

Rread more about GOTS on their website or dive straight in to our organic cotton range


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