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Kimberley Hind Enchanted Cottage Organic Cotton Fabric in Magic Village

Step into the wonderland of Enchanted Cottage organic cotton fabric prints, a delightful creation by the amazing Kimberley Hind. Picture yourself in a magical world where charming cottages dance with enchanting woods, bringing you a collection of fabrics that’s pure joy.

The heart of this Magic Village print tells the story of charming cottages nestled in a mystical forest. The designs capture the whimsical vibe of these hideaway retreats, creating an atmosphere of pure delight. Each cottage measures about 6cm x 4cm.

The palette was handpicked to sprinkle a bit of magic and warmth into the designs. Deep purples add a touch of mystery, creating an ambiance like that of a magical midnight garden.

This organic cotton fabric works great on dresses, tops and of course any home accessories projects such as quilts and patchwork.

£12.00 per metre

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Fabric description

Step into the enchanting universe of Kimberley Hind’s ‘Enchanted Cottage’ collection, where whimsical illustrations invite you on a dreamy moonlit stroll through a secret garden. These fairy-tale inspired designs are your ticket to infusing a touch of magic into your sewing projects.

Printed on organic cotton fabric, the Enchanted Cottage collection is tailor-made for sewing enthusiasts diving into beginner-friendly projects, creating dresses, skirts, tops, quilts, and patchwork wonders.

This marks Kimberley Hind’s third collection, a seamless continuation from the initial Forest Journal series, maintaining that enchanting woodland setting with a fresh and captivating theme.

The Magic Village print steals the show, featuring charming cottages nestled within a mystical forest – the perfect sprinkle of magic to elevate your handmade creations. Get ready to add a dash of enchantment to your sewing adventures! 🌟

Fabric facts & care

Eco credentials

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is by far our favourite eco credential. GOTS stands out from all other eco credentials due to is its holistic approach to ALL stages and processes that are involved in creating ethical fabrics.
The focus of this standard is on the end user, in our case, the sewist. When buying Oeko-Tex fabric you can rest assure that your fabrics wont bleed colours, your hands wont turn blue from fabric and of course, you wont be exposed to anything that can mess with your health.

We love this fabric for...

We love this fabric for Dresses & skirts, Tops & blouses.
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