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5 easiest fabrics to sew for beginners and newbies

by Polina K

The seasonal crafts have been stowed away, and the fancy chocolate tins have been refilled with miscellaneous spools of thread, which means it’s time to start crossing off those new year’s sewing resolutions.

From revisiting your favourite sewing patterns to streamlining the stitching process, there are plenty of ways you can simplify your sewing projects for 2022 and enjoy a more relaxed start to the year.

Whether you were lucky enough to receive your very first sewing machine from Father Christmas or just fancy easing yourself in gently with a simple craft, we’ve called upon the expertise of some of our favourite sewists to determine the 5 easiest dressmaking fabrics to sew with.


1. French terry for stretchy separates

good fabric syas autumn leaf french terrySee You At Six Cotton French Terry Fabric in Autumn Brown

French terry is the perfect in-between knit fabric for loungewear basics and casual separates that you can nip to the shops in, like this Amina hoodie sewing pattern by Viki Sews.

It’s commonly used in sweatpants and sweatshirts since it’s thicker than jersey but thinner than brushed sweat, which means there are no complications or unexpected curls when sewing multiple layers. You could even fashion it into some cosy kidswear as it’s relatively absorbent and easy to clean.

A comfy wardrobe staple that’s a joy to work with.


2. Cotton lawn for easy elegance

Cotton Lawn fabric in black gingham
AGF Plaid of My Dreams Cotton Fabric in Snow

Cotton lawn is a popular plain-weave cotton that’s silky yet remarkably durable, making it a reliable fabric for keen dressmakers as it always keeps its shape.

Lawn has a beautiful drape to it, making it great for swishy summer skirts and dresses, as well as blouses and nightwear, due to its breathability.

Sharlene Oldroyd, from S.O Sew Dressmaking, says: “Cotton lawn is one of the easiest fabrics to work with and it can also provide the best results. It behaves well when cutting and sewing but also has a beautiful drape and range of movement.”

Check out the S.O Sew Dressmaking Instagram to see all of Sharlene’s amazing sewn creations.


3. Linen for lightweight lounging

Mind the Maker Nisa Soft Linen in Lilac
Mind the Maker Nisa Softened Linen Fabric in Lilac

Is it too early to start daydreaming about sunny days spent lounging in lightweight linen with a tall drink in one hand and a book in the other?

Linen is a timeless fabric thanks to its cool-yet-comfortable aesthetic qualities and natural versatility. Fashion your scraps into textured upholstery or treat yourself to a stylish summer wardrobe complete with stretchy linen viscose trousers and the breezy Ambre blouse by Lenaline Patterns.

Charlotte Kaye, from The Garden Sewing School, says: “Linen is my absolute favourite fabric for all seasons and all garments. I find it the easiest fabric to sew with as it has a good amount of ease, and it drapes without being slippery. I think it looks just as good when wrinkled as pressed, which means you don’t have to worry about making it perfect.”

Head to The Garden Sewing School Instagram to admire Charlotte’s gorgeous quilting projects.


4. Cotton poplin for structured staples

Cotton poplin fabric
Roo-Tid Marigold Floral Organic Cotton Poplin Fabric

Another of our favourite fabrics to sew with is cotton poplin, a plain-weave cotton that manages to be sturdy yet breathable.

It is one of the more robust dressmaking fabrics, so you don’t even need to use pins when sewing pattern pieces together – just hold them with your hands.

Its low-maintenance qualities and durability make it a stash staple, especially as it’s available in a wide range of colours and vibrant printed designs. Sew all manner of light, airy garments, from shirts to dresses, jackets to trousers – its versatility knows no bounds! As poplin is more structured, it is also often used for quilting, which is a great sewing project for offcuts and left over fabric from bigger sewing projects.


5. Wool/wool mix for winter knits

wool cashmere blend fabric in burgundy

Wool is a stash staple because it’s another classic fabric that lends itself to many sewing projects.

Whether you’re making cosy knits to see you through the midwinter chill or you’re refreshing the sofa with some natural cushion covers, wool is an easy fabric to sew with, and it’ll see you through many a cold spell if it’s properly looked after.

Sarah Rozelaar, from The Sewing Retreat, says: “My favourite fabric to sew with is a wool or wool mix as it doesn’t slide around, it has got a good weight to it and it’s just very satisfying to sew with.”

Sarah shares lots more tips and useful advice over on The Sewing Retreat Instagram.

Top tips for choosing the right fabric for a sewing project

If you’re wondering how to choose the right fabric for your sewing project, there are a couple of things to consider when rifling through your craft cupboards:

Look for fabric stability

Look out for stable fabrics that aren’t too slippery as they require very little pinning and don’t move around when you’re cutting a pattern.

Watch out for fraying

Fabrics that fray can be a little bit frustrating for newbie sewists, so we’d suggest using thicker fabrics like jersey (if you don’t fancy leaving raw edges for a more modern look).


Stock your stash with our forgiving fabrics

From plush French terry to lightweight softened linens, we stock a wide selection of easy-to-sew, eco-certified fabrics so you can ease yourself into 2022 in sustainable fashion.

P.S. Happy New Year from all of us here at Good Fabric! May your year be filled with perfect stitches and needles that thread on the first try.

by Polina K

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