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10 effortless sewing storage space ideas for your home

by Polina K
bobbin sewing storage idea

If you’re a sewing enthusiast like us, you know the clutter it can cause. From finding bobbins all over your house to having stacks of fabric on what would otherwise be a perfectly usable chair, it can get a little messy at times! Luckily, though, you’re not the only one in this situation.

Over the years, sewing lovers around the world have been creating genius storage solutions for all your thread-based needs. Whilst you might not be able to create a Pinterest-worthy sewing storage space straight away, adding a few of their inventions into your home should make it a lot easier to clear up the clutter!

We recommend building your sewing storage selection over time based on your unique sewing needs. The more you sew, the more you’ll know which pieces are right for you. 

To help you get started, we’ve put together some of our favourite sewing storage ideas that can slot easily into any home. Take a peek and let’s get organised!

1. Block Pegboard 

If you don’t have too much sewing storage space for all of your sewing bits, you’ll love this minimal yet versatile pegboard from Block. It’s a fantastic alternative to boxes and drawers, giving you a neat space to store your most-used items. From sewing scissors to the pattern you’re currently working on, the adjustable components make it easy for you to fit what you need on the board. It also comes in a whole range of colours and sizes, making it a great fit for any home!

sewing peg board

2. Ikea’s SKARSTA Adjustable Desk

Any sewist will understand the beauty of an adjustable height table. Lift the table higher when you need to stand to cut out your fabric, and lower it when it’s time to sew. It’s a fantastic idea that will transform the way you craft! We love the versatility of Ikea’s SKARSTA desk, with a sleek, contemporary design and easy adjustability. Use it for sewing, working from home and eating dinner to create a space that’s truly multi-functional. 

ikea skarsta table

3. Bobbin Storage from Thread Pegs

If you read our Christmas gift guide, you’ll know that we’re huge fans of Thread Pegs, formerly known as Laura Ter Kuile. So, it should come as no surprise that we’re mentioning them here! This time, it’s their brilliant tabletop bobbin storage we want to rave about. Made in the UK from natural wood, this simple sewing storage idea is a must-have for sewists. Pop your bobbins on the wooden prongs and never lose any again – simple, but brilliant. 

bobbin thread storage board

4. Recycled Plastic Folding Storage Boxes

If you’re looking for fabric storage ideas, we have the answer. These beautiful folding crates from Chickidee are made from recycled plastic, making both the sustainable and organisational halves of our hearts sing! They’re stackable, too, which is great for rooms where space is at more of a premium. Slot them under your desk, by the side of your sofa, or under your bed and keep all of your fabrics in one, easy to reach place.

folding crates in 3 colous

5. Wire Stackable Baskets

For your tabletop bits and bobs, we’re completely obsessed with these wire stackable baskets from Cox & Cox. In a contemporary, Scandinavian style, they add a touch of class to any home and will help you stay organised. The wire makes it easy to see and access what’s inside so that you can grab the right thread or your pot of pins without fuss. Did we mention that they’re stackable, too? Brilliant!

wire basket

6. Recycled Paper Magazine Holder

We have tones of sewing patterns at Good Fabric, and we’ve found that magazine holders are a fantastic choice for keeping them organised. We particularly love these Kraft paper holders from Paperchase made from recycled materials and soy-based inks, ticking all of our eco-friendly boxes. The basic design also makes them great for any home, and we think they’ll pair wonderfully with the wire baskets mentioned above.

kraft magazine holder

7. Recycled Plastic Popper Wallets

Plastic popper wallets are an absolute dream for sewists. Leftover fabric? Pop it in the wallet. Indie sewing patterns? Pop them in the wallet. Bobbins, threads, and pouches of pins? They can all go in the wallet! It’s a brilliant sewing storage idea that’s cheap and takes up very little space. We recommend these wallets from WHSmith, which have been made with a highly respectable 95% recycled materials.

plastic wallets


8. Glass and Bamboo Stackable Jars

If you’re always losing those little sewing essentials, these jars from Posh Totty Design Interiors are going to be a real time-saver. Pop them on your sewing desk to keep your sewing feet, buttons, chalks and any other small items tidied away neatly – they’re even a good option for thread storage! They’re super stylish with sustainable bamboo lids and can be stacked to save space. 

glass jars with bamboo lids


9. Multi-Tiered Countertop Organiser Trays

If mounting a pegboard on the wall isn’t an option for you but you do have some desk space, these trays are ideal. With two or three-tiered options available, this compact shelving unit sits neatly on the tabletop and make for a fantastic place to pop any items you frequently use. From your eco-friendly sewing thread to your fabric scissors, it’s a piece that once you have you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

tiered unit


10. Bluetooth Label Printer

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a sewing storage idea, but who doesn’t love a label maker? At Good Fabric, we swear by ours to keep everything organised! This little gadget is perfect for labeling your jars, folders, crates, and anything else you can pop a label on. We love the P-touch CUBE Label Printer + Bluetooth PT-P300BT from Brother, which is far more stylish than other models and super easy to use, letting you create and print labels straight from your phone. Treat yourself to one and let’s all get labeling!

bluetooth label maker

Find More Sewing Inspiration at Good Fabric

At Good Fabric, we bring sustainable sewists together. From giving our run-down of the best sustainable sewing essentials (like our picks here) to offering guidance on how to use our eco-friendly fabric, we have everything you need to sew planet-friendly pieces! If you have any questions about our sustainable haberdashery, get in touch today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

by Polina K

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