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10 stylish sewing projects under 1 meter

by Polina K
zoey tank top sewing pattern

As fellow sewists, you probably know all too well the frustration of having just a teeny tiny bit of fabric left after a project. It’s beautiful material and you definitely don’t want to chuck it away, but what are you meant to do with it?

We at Good Fabric are all too familiar with this problem, and being very into sustainable haberdashery we thought we needed to do something about it. So, we’ve put together ten (yes, ten!) sewing projects under 1 meter of fabric. These aren’t pin cushions, face masks, and drawstring bags, either, but real clothing items that you’ll actually want to make. Let’s reduce waste together!

A Quick Note on Sizes

Beautiful bodies come in a whole variety of shapes and sizes, which means we all need different lengths of fabric for our clothes. For these sewing projects, we’ve made sure that they can all be made using one meter or less for a UK size 16 (US size 12).

1. Basic Instinct T-Shirt by Secondo Piano

basic instinct t-shirt

Who doesn’t love a t-shirt? Perfect for layering, a go-to on a warm day, and an all-around crowd-pleaser, every sewist needs to know how to make at least one! We love the Basic Instinct sewing pattern, which can easily be made using less than one meter of fabric and is free when you subscribe to the company’s newsletter. The t-shirt itself has a relaxed fit that blends style and comfort seamlessly. 

P.S – If you’ve never made a t-shirt before, check out our “Sewing Perfect T-Shirt blog” for plenty of tips and tricks!

2. Bellbird Shorts by Common Stitch

Bellbird Shorts

For summer sunshine, don’t look further than the Bellbird Shorts. With a laid-back, sitting-by-the-pool-and-sipping-mojitos vibe, they’re a great addition to your holiday wardrobe. The indie sewing pattern comes with photo instructions, too, making this an easy make for beginner sewists.

3. Hysope Blouse by Deer & Doe

hysope tank top sewing pattern

This isn’t quite a tank top, nor a base layer, but a gorgeous crop top in its own right. The Hysope Blouse by Deer & Doe is a versatile piece that can be paired with high-waisted shorts and worn outdoors on a summer’s day, or combined with a maxi skirt for a classy dinner party. It has a contemporary boxy shape with buttoned sides and can be made with either a round or V-shaped neckline.

4. Zoey Tank Top by True Bias

zoey tank top sewing pattern

It’s a wardrobe staple, a go-to layering piece, and a garment you can wear whatever the weather: yes, it’s the humble tank top! We actually think this is quite an underrated piece. But, the more meters you have to spare, the more you’ll find yourself making (and loving).

The Zoey Tank by True Bias has a soft V-shaped neckline and scooped back, so it won’t peep through any jumpers if you choose to layer it. The sewing pattern can also be altered for either a waistline finish or a cropped look, so play around and see which you prefer.

5. Cottesloe Swimsuit by Megan Nielsen

cottesloe swimsuit pattern

Rather than throwing your excess sustainable fabric away or making yet another needless item, why not put your material to good use with a beautiful swimsuit? The Cottesloe Swimsuit sewing pattern by Megan Nielsen is super versatile pattern, with four different styles that allow you to make one-pieces as well as bikinis! Make swimwear you feel confident in and cut down on your fabric waste – it’s a win-win.

6. Kids Clothing

Blog about 10 sewing projects under 1 meter

If you’ve got little ones, those scraps of leftover fabric may be the perfect size for their clothing. Create adorable mini-me outfits and never worry about fabric waste again! At Good Fabric, we love the children’s indie sewing patterns from Ikatee and Lowland.

7. Tally Top Pattern by Viki Sews

good fabric viki sews tally bustier pattern

The bustier is a truly classic piece of clothing that’s totally on-trend right now. From nights out on the town to dinner with the girls, this is a beautiful piece for your occasion wardrobe. We can’t get enough of the Tally Top bustier, which is close-fitting and incredibly flattering. Be warned that this is a more advanced sewing pattern, so if you’re not an experienced sewist it may be best to stick to the easier tank tops above for now.

8. Josie Bralette by Made My Wardrobe

josie bra and pants sewing pattern

An easy project that’s ideal for beginners, the Josie Bralette from Made My Wardrobe is comfortable, sexy, and a lot of fun to make. If you’ve never made lingerie before, why not give it a go? The bra is wireless but still provides plenty of support so that you can wear it all day without a hitch.

9. Ava, Agnes, and Sofia Knickers by Made My Wardrobe

made my wardrobe underwear sewing pattern

One of the smallest items in your wardrobe that’s just perfect for leftover materials is (drumroll, please)… knickers! We all need them – well, us women, anyway – and by making them yourself you can create the perfect pair for your body. Take a peek at the Ava, Agnes, and Sofia sewing pattern, which includes three different styles to ensure there’s something for everyone.

10. Delia Beanie Hat by Named Clothing Patterns

delia beanie hat sewing pattern

We don’t know about you, but we’re constantly giving our friends and family sewing creations we’ve made. A pattern we’ve found that’s ideal for gift-giving and using up those last bits of eco fabric is the Delia Beanie Hat. It’s a really, really easy make, too. Personalise your designs with different colours and embellishments for gorgeous handmade presents!

Before You Start Sewing…

Another great way to create sewing projects under 1 meter of fabric is to use it as a colour block alongside another meter or two. Check out #hhingrid on Instagram for the perfect pattern to clash colours. If you have tons of 10cm by 10cm cut offs, why not look at this Sewing Bee-inspired quilted jacket Hovea pattern by Megan Nielsen

hovea jacket by megan nielsen

Source Sustainable Fabric and Indie Sewing Patterns at Good Fabric

If you love the look of these indie sewing patterns, we’ve got plenty more for you to check out! At Good Fabric, we’re all about supporting small, independent brands. We also believe in sustainable sewing and have a wide range of eco-friendly fabrics to make sure every project you undertake has as little impact on the planet as possible. Start browsing our fabric today and see what catches your eye.

by Polina K

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10 stylish sewing projects under 1 meter

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josie bra and pants sewing pattern

Made My Wardrobe PDF Josie Bra and Pants Sewing Pattern

made my wardrobe underwear sewing pattern

Made My Wardrobe PDF Ava, Agnes and Sofia Underwear Sewing Pattern


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