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12 Common Mishaps On Our Sewing Bingo Card

by Polina K

Have you ever slipped up and cut your fabric upside down? Or perhaps you’re sick of being asked to tailor other people’s clothes for free – it takes time to hem, people! We’ve all been there – and more than once.

Because who doesn’t love to make the same mistake twice, right?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a needle and thread newbie, we all have face-palm moments now and again. That’s exactly why we worked with the wonderful illustrator Ella of Ellastrated (girl, we see what you did there) to compile all of our favourite mishaps into one super cute sewing bingo card. Tick off every one and you know you’re a true sewist.

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Air Sewing

Accidentally sewing with an empty bobbin

If you’ve ever been caught sewing while your bobbin’s running on empty, you’ll know exactly how annoying it is. All that hard work and nothing to show for it. It’s one of the most common mistakes, too, and a slip-up that the Good Fabric team has made about a million times.


Back to Front Sleeves

Sewing your sleeves inside out or the wrong way around

Why are sleeves so tricky to get the right way up? We think they must flip themselves over when no one’s looking. Keep your unpicker close by to turn back time on back-to-front sleeves and right your wrongs before it’s too late.


Hot, Hot, Hot!

Burning your fabric with a toasty iron

Whether your fabric’s super fragile or you’ve forgotten to turn down the temperature of your iron, it’s easy to scorch your materials. Once that burn marks in, it’s not coming out, either. When will we learn to just turn the temperature down a notch?


Only For Fabrics!

Tired of people using your sewing scissors? Us too.

Non-sewists just don’t understand that cutting paper with your lovely new sewing scissors is one of the worst things they can do. Are they trying to break your heart? We think it’s time to put your favourite pair under lock and key.


Shrinking Your Fabric

Whoops - you’ve forgotten to pre-wash your new fabric

Honey, I shrunk my fabric! If only you could turn back time and do that all-important pre-wash, right? But when you’ve got a gorgeous roll of fabric and a pattern that you’re dying to try, it’s all too easy to run ahead without washing first.


New Fabric Anxiety

To cut or not to cut your new fabric?

You’ve just got your dream fabric and it’s everything you imagined it would be. Your scissors are in your hand and… you can’t cut it! This is new fabric anxiety and all of us have been there. Our advice would be to take a deep breath, calm your shaking hands, and go for it.


Do you mind just...?

You’ve become your friends’ personal tailor

Sewists are asked to hem trousers left, right, and centre. If you’ve been cornered at a party to shorten your pal’s new pair of trousers, tick this one off your list. This also counts for re-sewing buttons, adjusting straps, and fixing loose stitching.


Forgetting Your Hacks

Never writing down your genius ideas

When you come up with a super clever hack to make a pattern simpler, you write it down, right? Not us sewists! All too often we move onto the next step without picking up a pen, leaving us scratching our heads when it’s time to repeat that clever trick.


Running Out of Space

Moving all of your furniture to make room for your sewing

Just shove the sofa back a little and move the table into the next room - it’ll be fine! If you’ve started rearranging your entire home just to make space for your sewing projects, you know that you’ve become a certified sewist.


An Inch Too Little

Your pattern doesn’t quite fit on the fabric you have

Whether it’s a centimetre, an inch, or a whole metre, it’s always annoying when you don’t have enough fabric for your pattern pieces. No matter how much you rearrange, it just won’t fit. *Sigh*. The only upside of this is it gives you a good excuse to order more fabric.


Upside Down Patterns

You’ve placed your print on the fabric upside down

Oh no, you’ve pinned and cut out your entire pattern, only to realise that the direction of the print on the fabric is upside down! It’s back to the drawing board with this one, folks, as there isn’t much you can do about an upside-down pattern.


Epic Fabric Stash

Buying so much fabric you have nowhere to put it

Your haberdashery is already full but you’ve just spotted a gorgeous Enchanted Cottage Organic Cotton that’s too magical to ignore. What do you do? Well, you’re a sewist, so you pop it in your basket and deal with the consequences later.

Share Your Memorable Sewing Bingo Fails


We want to see all your ‘oh no’ moments - the good, the bad, the back-to-front sleeves, and the upside-down patterns. Let’s share in our silly sewist mistakes and feel better for not being alone! 

If you’ve got a memorable sewing bingo fail, share it with us on Instagram @good_fabric_store. 

We also wanted to give another shoutout to the super talented Ella who created all the illustrations for our Sewist Bingo. Be sure to give her a follow on Instagram @Ellastrated and show your support.

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