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8 Simple & Satisfying Projects To Sew With Cotton Waffle Fabric

by Polina K
waffle fabric in latte

Cotton waffle fabric is one of the comfiest, cosiest fabrics out there. Coming in both a knit and a weave, it’s super soft and perfect for snuggling up in on a chilly day, making it a must for some of our favourite comfort items (think slippers and PJs). We love the textured finish, too, adding something a little different to simple creations. In other words, we’re big cotton waffle fabric fans.

If you’ve just bought a few metres of cotton waffle fabric, we’ve put together 8 easy-peasy projects to make good use of your material – keep your eyes peeled for handmade present inspo, too. Each project is perfect for honing your skills and flexing your creativity, helping you get to grips with this new weave.

waffle fabric in pumpkin spice

P.S. One tip before diving in is to use an overlocker as, though cotton waffle fabric is easy to sew with, it is prone to fraying. 

1. Lahja Dressing Gown

Waffle fabric and dressing gowns are like strawberries and cream; it’s a match that just can’t be argued with. The soft handle and breathability of waffle fabric make for the warmest, snuggliest dressing gowns (that won’t make you feel sweaty) and the lack of stretch in the fabric is ideal. 

lahja dressing gown sewing pattern

As for sewing pattern choices, we love the Lahja Dressing Gown from Named. It’s the ideal loungewear staple and comes with a few different design options, including varying lengths for both the sleeves and leg (e.g. knee length or shin length), as well as pockets and a simple belt fastening. Be warned, though – once you’ve made this gown, you’re not going to want to wear anything else… ever!

2. Cotton Waffle Fabric Slippers

Whether as an accompaniment for your Lahja Dressing Gown or as handmade presents for your friends and family, who doesn’t love a good pair of slippers? We’ve found a free slippers sewing pattern, too, so that staying cosy has never been so cost-effective. 

free slippers sewing pattern

The Whittaker Puffy Slippers pattern is a beginner-friendly project that’s ideal for making the most of your waffle fabric. The sleek, backless design and fluffy inner make them wonderful for slipping on around the home and keeping your toes toasty all day long. Use your waffle fabric on the upper part of your slippers for a chic, cosy look that’ll pair perfectly with your loungewear.

While this pattern is free, you will need to get your hands on a few other bits to bring your slippers to life. We thought we’d be extra kind and source these for you, making everybody’s life that little bit easier:

You’re also going to need double-fold bias tape. For a smooth finish, we recommend making your own in the same waffle fabric you’re already using, but if you’re on the hunt for a quick fix you can usually find shop-bought bias tape at most haberdasheries. Just be sure to bring a swatch of your fabric with you so that you can colour-match your bias tape.

3. Sleep Mask

Get the perfect night’s sleep with the Luna Sleeping Mask (another freebie pattern!) and take your cotton waffle loungewear to the next level. Who could say no to a matching dressing gown, slippers, and sleeping mask? Not us, that’s for sure. 

luna sleep mask sewing pattern

The Luna mask is super cute and easy to make, and should officially be on your list of sewing presents for 2023 and beyond. With an optional quilted-effect finish and a soft, gathered band, getting your forty winks will be a breeze once you’ve whipped one of these up on the sewing machine.

4. Cotton Waffle Christmas Stocking

Another wonderful handmade present for your loved ones is this Noel Christmas Stocking from Cut & Sew. Ho-ho-ho, sewists! With big and small designs, this is a pretty simple pattern to follow that focuses on neat finishes for a stocking that will hold plenty of presents come Christmas morning.

christmas stockings sewing pattern

Create matching stockings for the whole family in complimentary waffle fabric colours for a beautiful fireplace this festive season. You could also finish your designs with a little embroidery if you really want to push the boat out this year, but we’ll leave that up to you.

5. Kitchen Textiles

Our waffle fabric sewing ideas list wouldn’t be complete without kitchen textiles. Who hasn’t got at least one waffle tea towel in their cupboard? For sewists looking to play around with new materials, kitchen textiles are a great choice and can help you unleash your creativity or stock up on handmade presents for your pals. 

simplicity 9773 kitchen accessories sewing pattern

We’ve got a couple of wholesome kitchen accessory project packs from Simplicity to inspire you. The first is this amazing Simplicity 9773 pattern set full of kitchen goodies, including a tea cosy, oven mitt, dish towel, and more, all of which vary in difficulty levels. The second is a quilted pattern set full of padded, heat-protecting accessories including oven mitts, pot holders, and trivets, as well as a lovely little bread basket. If you’re a lover of cottagecore, these patterns are a must. 

simplicity sewing pattern

6. Chef’s Apron

If you dream of floating around your kitchen, baking cookies in a gorgeous apron while birds tweet at your open window – well, let’s just say we understand. Waffle fabric makes for lovely, lightweight aprons that can handle the gentle wear and tear of hobby baking and everyday cooking. It’s an easy breezy choice for a fairytale kitchen aesthetic.

apron sewing pattern

In terms of the sewing pattern, you can’t go wrong with the ever-so-stylish Merchant & Mills Workaday Apron, which finds beauty in simplicity. In a unisex design with three pockets, a waist tie, and a neck tie, it’s the perfect blend of practical protection and cottagecore chic. 

For a sturdier finish that’ll keep its shape, we recommend cotton webbing tape for the straps. Take a look at the extensive webbing tape range over at Merchant & Mills which gets two big thumbs up from our team. 

7. Waffle Pyjama Bottoms

There’s nothing cosier than getting home after a busy day, making yourself a cup of tea, and slipping into your comfiest pyjamas. With waffle fabrics, bedtime has never looked so good.

pjs sewing pattern

If you’re looking for a new pair to breathe life into your loungewear wardrobe, we adore the Pyjama Bottoms from The Avid Seamstress. A full-length, relaxed fit with an elasticated waistband and pockets, it’s actually a really simple pattern to follow. They also don’t require any stretch, which is a must for our waffle fabric. Pair with a Tencel Jersey top to complete the relaxation vibe. 

8. Handy Laundry Bag

Waffle fabric is synonymous with spa days, and no spa day is complete without a handy little laundry bag. Make sure yours is undeniably cute with the Grain Line Studio Bag which comes in the most gorgeous bucket bag design with a handy hook and drawstring tie. There are even sneaky hidden inner pockets, helping you organise your goodies on the sly.

bag sewing pattern

From spa day essentials to tiny laundry loads or even to store your collection of sewing threads, this bag is one of the handiest projects on the list and the perfect way to put your waffle fabric to use. As sewing presents go, you’re on to a winner with this one.

Choose Your Next Cotton Waffle Fabric Shade

At Good Fabric, we have a wide selection of cotton waffle fabric available that’s ideal for your sustainable haberdashery. When it comes to eco-friendly fabrics, it doesn’t get cosier than this. Head on over to the full waffle fabric collection to find the dreamiest shade for your next project.

cotton waffle fabric in sage green

Be sure to share your sewing creations with us on Instagram @good_fabric_store, too – we always love to see what you make!

by Polina K

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