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Lennox Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern from Homer + Howells

by Polina K

Homer + Howells

This is my second time making Homer + Howells pattern and what an exciting pattern – Lennox jumpsuit sewing pattern.  One thing that stand out to me is the level of knowledge of garment construction. Nic and Susan are garment techs who have been in the industry for a long time, so in their patterns you will find some lovely and clever details.

lennox jumpsuit pattern in denim

I had the opportunity to test Lennox jumpsuit pattern prior release and first looking at the instructions i was little bit nervous as i have never (successfully) done fly zip, collar and a waistband. But if you are a novice like me, you have nothing to worry about, the instruction are very clear and there is plenty of illustrations to guide you.

If you find yourself stuck, remember you can always message Nic and Susan and they will help you with your pattern, adjustments, sizing and any other questions you may have.

Lennox jumpsuit

Lennox jumpsuit sewing pattern is a refined take on a boiler suit with androgynous utilitarian style.
Lennox is drafted with a relaxed fit. The bodice has dropped shoulder, elbow length sleeves and flattering tucks in the waist. Lennox has also discreet side bust darts for balance and easy fitting over the bust.

Optioned with two leg lengths, a straight or elasticated back waistband or as a cropped shirt.

Lennox View A  Lennox view B   Lennox view C 

I have made view B, but i did not add elastic into my waistband as i didn’t feel like it was needed, however this is something that can be decided quite late in the sewing stage so you can always change your mind.

lennox jumpsuit sewing pattern

I did make a toile first and i am so glad i did as i made few key changes that made the fit perfect.


Based on measurement guide, I made size 14 top and size 12 bottom, but it was too big, so the final version was size 12. The fit is very relaxed, so the choice of the final sizing will depend on your fabric choice and preference. But i would advise to make a rough toile first.

I have shortened the bodice by 1 inch, for me this was the key change as it made the proportions right for me.

The fit of the trouser is very relaxed, but i imagined  wearing this jumpsuit with hems turned up so i tapered the trouser from the hip all the way down by 10 cm.

lennox jumpsuit in denim

Fabric choice

I debated for a long time in which fabric to make this one. I wanted to wear this jumpsuit now and possibly with a turtleneck (next sewing project) underneath, so i chose 12.5oz heavy wash denim in black from Mind the Maker.

mind the maker denim in black

The fabric worked great, the only thing i would add is that it does not need any fusing where the pattern suggests.

I absolutely love the minimalist and clean look of this jumpsuit sewing pattern and i would definitely recommend it, especially if you would like to practice your fly zip, collar stand and waist band skills.

lennox jumpsuit by homer and howells

Hope you will love this pattern as much as i do.

Happy Sewing

by Polina K

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