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7 Reasons Why The Pattern Pages Sewing Magazine Is Key to Your Sewing Success

by Polina K
Cover of printed The Pattern Pages sewing magazine

There are heaps of sewing tips and tricks online but nothing ever really beats a good sewing magazine. Flipping through the pages with a cuppa is the perfect way to get your sew-jo going, easily dipping in and out when the mood takes you. If you’re a digital diehard, you might prefer leafing through the virtual pages of a digital magazine – whatever floats your boat!

Cover of The Pattern Pages Sewing Magazine

We’re always open to a new indie sewing magazine, so which do you go for? For us, it’s The Pattern Pages. A UK-based independent sewing magazine created by Julie and Emily, a mother-daughter duo, it focuses on all things indie sewing (right up our street, of course). From global interviews to technique tips, it’s a wonderful treasure trove of sewing advice. But don’t just take our word for it; here’s some of what you can expect within its pages.

Hot Fabrics

Every issue of The Pattern Pages includes a wonderful selection of on-trend dressmaking fabrics. As a sustainable fabric shop we may be slightly biased, but this is one of our all-time favourite magazine sections and always the first pages we flip to.

For us, sewing projects always start with the fabric. We see the fabric first and then inspiration strikes to find suitable patterns to bring the fabric to life, so a round-up of some of the latest designs always fills us with ideas for future sewing journeys, making this a must-read.

The dressmaking fabric selection in The Pattern Pages is beautifully presented, making it a dream to browse through. Spark your creativity, be inspired by their stylish selections, and stay ahead of the trends.

Deep Dive into Topics

good fabric best sewing magazine the pattern pages pocket

Deep dive into sewing techniques and technical topics, with sections in every issue that help improve your sewing skills. From how to make slash pockets to guides on projectors, it’s an easy-breezy way to learn. Have a read whilst on the train or drinking a brew in the sunshine and become a better sewist – it’s as simple as that. The Pattern Pages’ guides are always wonderfully thorough yet simple to understand, too, making it a joy to learn.


Who doesn’t love a discount? As an independent sewing magazine, The Pattern Pages attracts a lot of attention from small sewing businesses. You’ll find a lovely selection of indie brands advertising within the magazine’s pages, and they’ll often offer readers exclusive, not-to-be-missed discounts. From eco-friendly fabrics to indie sewing patterns, it’s chock-full of great deals.

You’ll also discover lots of independent sewing businesses, which is a perk we adore. As a small business ourselves, we’re all for supporting our small business pals.  

Pattern Preview

The Pattern Pages sewing magazine article about the pattern preview

We love checking out new-in sewing patterns, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise to our regular readers. But with new patterns released constantly, it can be a little overwhelming.

That’s why we always check out the pattern preview in The Pattern Pages sewing magazine which highlights all of the best up-and-coming patterns soon to be released. Keep up with what’s in fashion and start planning your sewing projects ahead of time, becoming an expert in all things sewing patterns. 

Meet and Greet

It’s a pure joy to get to know the faces and names behind small businesses. It’s normal to assume there’s a huge team running some of your favourite brands, only to discover that it’s an individual keeping the company alive alongside other day jobs. For us, this is always super inspiring and makes us more inclined than ever to support small businesses.

We love the Meet and Greet section in this indie sewing magazine for those reasons. Shining the light on the people that bring business to life, it’s a fantastic way to get the word out about little brands and give aspiring sewing entrepreneurs tips on how to start their own businesses. 

Free Pattern

good fabric best sewing magazine the pattern pages pattern

We’ll never say no to a free sewing pattern. When purchasing a single issue or subscribing to the magazine, whether this be in print or digital, you’ll receive an amazing downloadable sewing pattern from an indie pattern brand. Simply download it to your computer and print it out to start sewing.

Not only is this an amazing freebie, but it could also help you step out of your comfort zone and make something new. Who knows where your free sewing pattern will take you?

Shopping Guides

Though not a regular feature, we love it when a shopping guide pops up in The Pattern Pages magazine. Whether looking at what to get a sewist for Christmas or the best fabric sewing tools, these guides are great for highlighting amazing products from small sewing businesses. Discover cool gadgets and get inspired for gifts for friends and family (which can be a lifesaver), all within the pages of this wonderful sewing magazine.

Again, the focus here is usually on other indie sewing brands. Promoting tiny teams with wonderful communities over big-name brands makes it easy for you to shop small no matter what you’re looking for.

Subscribe to The Pattern Pages sewing magazine

For all our lovely sewists out there, we think you’ll love The Pattern Pages as much as we do, but why not check it out for yourself? Head over to their online shop where you can browse through current and previous issues, subscribe and become a member of their community, or buy gift vouchers for fellow sewists. 

A single digital issue is usually £5.95 with back issues being even cheaper, and a subscription to their digital magazine is a £26.50 for an entire year (bargain!). Or try a beautiful printed copy from £9.95!

The pattern pages sewing magazine view on laptop, tablet, phone

Be sure to give Julie and Emily a follow on Instagram, too, and keep up with their latest work while you wait for your first sewing magazine to arrive.

For more sewing magazine inspiration to give you plenty of reading, take a peek at our sewing directory where we recommend our favourite small sewing businesses.

by Polina K

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