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Sewing Lenaline Ambre Blouse Pattern by S.O. Sew Dressmaking

by Sharlene Oldroyd

Hi there, this is Sharlene from S.O. Sew Dressmaking and welcome to my second sewing blog post for Good Fabric store.

sharlene posing in lenaline ambre blouse in green tencel fabric

Lenaline Ambre Blouse

For this project I choose a pattern from a new to me company that Polina sells through her website, the Lenaline Patterns Ambre Blouse. This is a beautiful v-neck, button up blouse, with a drop shoulder and voluminous sleeves that are finished with a tie.

ambre blouse by lenaline patterns

I made it in the Tencel Thin Pinstripe Twill in Dark Green, which has now unfortunately sold out, but not to worry, there are some other stunning Tencel and Ecovero alternatives

Pattern changes

I made a few small changes to the Lenaline Ambre blouse pattern, if you know me at all you will not be surprised I wanted a bit more drama from the sleeves! Instead of using the full tie piece, I shortened it to the first notch and used this piece as a cuff. This fit perfectly around my upper arm, so I can either push the sleeve up to create a dramatic puff or let it hang loose. I also lowered the neckline slightly, removing the top button.

Neckline on Ambre pattern  Tie detail on a pattern

I have a word of warning for you all… don’t forget to add seam allowances! I cannot believe I forgot this step, I think I was too excited to get working on this stunning Tencel in my favourite colour. I had been saving this Kylie and the Machine label for a silly mistake like this. Thankfully I was able to use a very small seam allowance for most of the garment and it still fits perfectly. I have since added the seam allowance to the pattern so I don’t make the same mistake again.

lenaline ambre blouse in green pinstripe tencel fabric

This blouse is the perfect addition to my autumn wardrobe and definitely my favourite colour (this is my 5th green tencel garment, never mind the other fabric types!). It is perfect paired with skinny jeans and a blazer, my go to autumn outfit. I have a pair of black Dawn jeans planned in the beautiful Mind the Maker denim from Good Fabric, and I can’t wait to pair these together.

Sharlene in Lenaline ambre blouse in green colour

Other sustainable fabric options

As I mentioned the fabric I used has unfortunately sold out.

If you want to go for something a little more dressy there is also the Cupro Tencel Bark Crepe in Blue, Burgundy and Night Green which is very similar to mine. I have a sample of this and will definitely be adding it to my ‘to buy’ list, it would make a stunning blouse for the Christmas period.

If you want to go for a bold print there is also the Mind the Maker Urban Leo collection, I have the Rose colour in this and it is stunning! It would make a beautiful Lenaline Ambre blouse.

mind the maker urban leo ecovero fabric in rose

Thank you for reading my sewing blog, and thank you Polina for featuring me as a guest blogger.

Happy sewing,
Sharlene xx

by Sharlene Oldroyd

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