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Ultimate Hoodie in Brushed Cotton by Mind the Maker

by Polina K
mind the maker brushed cotton hoodie in sienna

When Mind the Maker were about to release organic brushed sweatshirt fabrics, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to finally sew myself ultimate lockdown loungewear outfit.

mind the maker sienna brushed cotton

Pattern choice

I’ve chosen Adrianna sewing pattern by Viki Sews and i am so happy with this choice.

Viki Sews Adrianna

Viki Sews are PDF patterns and they are incredibly cheap, £1.10 to be precise. You select your height and then your size within the height range. The patterns and instructions are in Russian, but there are plenty of images in the instructions and if you are an experienced sewer, I am sure you can get away with it.

mind the maker sienna hoodie


The style of the hoodie is over sized and has a very low dropped shoulder line.

I found the length too long, so I shortened the body by 17cm and also shortened the sleeves by 6cm.

Viki Sews Adrianna Sienna

The pattern of the hood when printed looks so big, but when sewn it is the perfect size. You have an option on inserting a drawstring in the hood, but i couldn’t find the right colour so left it out.

Viki Sews Adrianna Sienna

I used main fabric for sleeve cuffs and waistband as i did not have matching Mind the Maker ribbing, but i love the uniform look of it.

My next sewing project is matching joggers, again by Viki Sews – Nika. I cant wait to wear them.

Viki Sews

If you love the pattern but are struggling with Russian instructions, feel free to message me, i will happily translate where needed.

Happy Sewing!

by Polina K

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