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11 Favourite Sewing Instagram Accounts to Follow

by Polina K

Inspiration can strike in many forms. Shop windows, TV shows, and your best friend’s wardrobe are all perfect places to discover the spark that sets you off on a new project. For us at Good Fabric, though, our fountain of inspiration comes from the community around us. The sewists we follow on Instagram, in particular, give us a mood board of ideas that keep our creative hearts very happy.

As you can imagine, we’ve spent a fair few hours scrolling through sewing content. Luckily, though, none of that was wasted as we’ve now compiled a whole list of stylish sewists and colourful creators for an endless feed of inspiration. 

Ready to turn your Instagram feed into a creative haven? Here are our top 11 favourite sewing Instagram accounts to follow.

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Lana is our go-to gal for bright, bold clothing inspo where the styling is always on point.

She’s the queen of colour block, with hot pink, sunset orange, and a whole sea of blues regularly gracing her feed. Blending a sort of retro glamour with on-trend looks, Lana’s creations are divine and remind us of how joyful it is to sew a wardrobe you love.



Suna’s laid-back sewing is a dream, proving that relaxed fits are still feminine.

We’re obsessed with the earthy, jewel tones in her hand-sewn wardrobe, where florals and paisleys blend seamlessly with no-nonsense neutrals. Wrap-around dresses, statement sleeves, and long, flowing skirts are all staples of Suna’s sewing, and we’re here for this comfy chic.



Leila’s beautiful Insta blends lifestyle, mental health, and sewing for all your inspirational needs.

We’ve actually Leila met IRL and she’s as friendly and bubbly as she is on Instagram - a real gem in the sewing community. From chatting about anxiety to fabric suggestions, her feed is giving sewing guru goddess vibes, and we love the variety of pattern recommendations. Silk PJs, sportswear, full-length gowns; you name it, she’s (probably) sewn it!



Christine’s account is a work of art featuring timeless designs.

Blending a love of working behind the camera with an undeniable talent for sewing, her account is a treasure trove of creativity. Sneak a peek into her life through gorgeous photography and be inspired by her elegant looks. An eye for gorgeous prints and the influence of Parisian style is the cherry on the cake of Christine’s content.



Get the streetwear-ready London look with Rebecca’s contemporary styling.

Secondhand treasures, sustainable brands, and hand-sewn designs combine for an uber-cool style that encapsulates the modern London woman. Rebecca’s commitment to dressing consciously is an inspiration in itself! Her looks are always exciting, layering pieces together to create chic outfits that are ready for a day on the go.



Betty perfectly blends sophistication with fun for a feed that keeps us on our toes.

From a floral, puff-sleeve maxi dress to a space-themed mini dress with knee-high boots, Betty brings plenty of variety to her projects. We love that she details a lot of her process in her captions, too, and we can’t get enough of her fabric and sewing pattern recommendations.



Get inspired by Clara’s blend of Parisian and London looks made in gorgeous fabrics.

She’s got chic sophistication, an abundance of beautiful prints and colours, and a positive vibe that’s unmatched. You’ll also find plenty of hacks and tips in her beginner-friendly videos, helping you up your sewing game. Every time Clara’s posts pop up on our feed, we’re inspired to sew what she’s making!

Nerissa Pratt


A little ray of sunshine, Nerrisa is the queen of DIY and clever hacks.

From making her own Barbie shoes to Irish lace hacks, it’s hard to come away from Nerrisa’s account and not feel inspired. She’s a certified #girlboss, too, with her own needlepoint kits and range of fabrics, helping followers branch out into new crafty hobbies.



Trine is the epitome of feminine sophistication and elegant inspiration.

With a feed full of minimalist looks and simple patterns in absolutely stunning fabrics, Trine has got effortless elegance down to a T. From earthy neutral tones to jazzy zig-zags, her fabric choices never disappoint and we’re constantly finding new sewing patterns and indie designers from her posts. She frequently sews for her daughter, Wilma, too, which is oh-so-wholesome!



On-trend and always stylish, Alexandria’s aesthetic gives undeniable cool girl vibes.

For super wearable sewing creations, give Alexandria a follow. Simple staples are done so well here to create a wardrobe that can be easily mixed and matched. She also shares lots of hacks and styling videos, helping everyone level up their sewing game while scrolling through Insta.



Bright and bold, Ilaria’s always ready to experiment with unique sewing ideas.

Have you ever thought about painting directly on tulle? Ilaria has - and she’s done it, too! Artistic, vibrant, and undeniably fun, we love seeing her latest hand-painted fabrics and gorgeously feminine sewing patterns.

Give Our Fave Accounts Some Love

Every single one of these sewing Instagram accounts is an absolute gem and we’d recommend giving them all a follow if you’re a sewing enthusiast. Like, comment, save, and share to join in with their sewing communities, too, and you won’t regret it. Trust us, your Instagram feed is about to become a goldmine of inspiration.

If you’re not already, feel free to go and follow us at Good Fabric, too: @good_fabric_store. We’re always sharing tips, tricks, and designer inspiration for our stylishly sustainable sewists.

P.s. How amazing is this image? It has been taken by super talented Georgia de Lotz for Studio Cotton project. Give them a follow too, you never know where your next inspiration might come from.

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