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Ex-Designer Deadstock

We are LIVING for ex-designer deadstock fabric.

Sourced from textile mills in Italy our deadstock fabrics are left over stock either due to over production or cancelled orders. Well, it is truly their loss and our gain.

The deadstock fabrics are often discarded in a non sustainable way, more likely by being incinerated, dumped in the landfill or  are just left sitting on the shelves for years

The stock of these fabrics is usually limited and cannot be re-ordered so dont miss out.

Often, when sourced, these fabrics do not come with original labels so it is nearly impossible to know if they are organic or if they have any other eco certifications. We avoid polyester and other synthetic fabrics in order to minimize the risk of having harmful fabrics in our collections.

Head over to our eco credential glossary to learn more about all certifications.

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ex-designer deadstock fabric in fringed check
By buying ex-designer deadstock we are saving fabrics from their unfulfilled destiny. 

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