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Tauko Magazine

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TAUKO Magazine is a leading independent print publication for home sewists and fashion enthusiasts who care deeply about the planet. Based in Helsinki and Berlin, it was founded and published by art researchers, fashion designers, and dedicated environmental advocates, Kaisa Rissanen and Mila Moisio. The magazine features contributions from a global network of designers, writers, photographers, and illustrators who are committed to producing mindful and beautiful work.

Each issue of TAUKO Magazine includes over 10 sewing pattern designs by both established celebrities and emerging talents from the sewing community. These carefully curated sewing patterns make designer clothing accessible to anyone interested in sewing and learning new skills. The magazine also features interviews, columns, articles, tips, and recommendations covering crafts, culture, and climate issues, contributed by its international team.

TAUKO Magazine continues to explore innovative, regenerative, and empowering approaches to design and fashion. It seeks to initiate positive system change by fostering a personal connection to clothing. The founders have a background in running an award-winning sustainable fashion brand and bring their extensive experience in design, pattern making, and fashion presentations to the publication.

The name “TAUKO,” meaning “a break or a pause” in Finnish, signifies a subtle yet powerful movement towards mindful fashion.

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With actual-size paper patterns, clear guidelines, and vibrant images and illustrations, TAUKO Magazine aims to make sewing an empowering, exciting, and enjoyable experience.

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