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Sew Love Patterns

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Sew Love Patterns was created by Johanna, the pattern cutter and designer specialising in womenswear.

Johanna has worked for high-end designers prior seeing up her own studio in East London creating patterns for emerging designers and small brands, as well as bespoke garments and bridal wear.

Sew Love Patterns has started during a sabbatical that Johanna took to travel and meditate around the world. This led to her slowing down and looking for a way to work more sustainably and creatively.

Her sewing pattern brand, Sew Love Patterns is collection of feminine and classic garments that fit the moment, but also have enduring appeal. She loves wedding dresses and jumpsuits, so both feature in her designs.

Make sure you follow this amazing indie pattern brand on their Instagram page @sewlovepatterns

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“Sewing your own clothes is a beautiful way to be explore your creativity and learn new skills and best of all you get a wardrobe to treasure and enjoy!”

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