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Juliana Martejevs Sewing Patterns

juliana martejevs

Juliana Martejevs designs fuse art, culture, and travel into vibrant garments and accessories sewing patterns.

Sewists can unlock the latest fashion trends with their easy-to-make sewing patterns for garments and accessories. DIY fashion has never been more accessible or looked so good. From dresses to jackets to bags, it’s time to prove that homemade clothing can look just as stylish as high-end pieces.

Juliana’s concept is to enable anyone and everyone to create exclusive and responsible fashion themselves, to love clothes and appreciate their value.

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juliana martejevs pippa polo sewing pattern
juliana martejevs bucket hat sewing pattern
Juliana wants to create awareness of the work and effort that goes into making a garment, so that customers can appreciate, take care of, and proudly wear their favourites for a long time.

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Juliana Martejevs Sewing Patterns picks

Juliana Martejevs PDF FREE Clara Detachable Collar Sewing pattern

Juliana Martejevs PDF FREE Clara Detachable Collar Sewing Pattern


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