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Kimberley Hind

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Having been immersed in the world of sewing since childhood, Kimberley Hind’s true appreciation for the joy of sewing and crafting blossomed during her maternity leave in 2017. Collaborating with her mother, Debbie Shore, Kimberley actively manages an online shop, engages in tutorial creation, produces content for filming, and contributes to fabric design.

Following a 12-year stint as a Visual Merchandiser, Kimberley embarked on a courageous journey to transform her passion for sewing into a full-time career. Her focus spans dressmaking, home decor, and, significantly, upcycling projects.

The realization of the environmental impact of fashion overconsumption and wastefulness has led Kimberley to adopt a more mindful approach to sewing. Constantly exploring avenues for reusing and upcycling, Kimberley, in collaboration with her mother Debbie Shore, co-authored the book “Re-fashion, Re-style, Re-stitch.”

Within the pages of this book, readers will find an array of projects showcasing the transformation of second-hand clothing into unique soft furnishings for homes. Techniques such as English Paper Piecing old shirts for cushions and crafting fabric rope baskets from damaged clothing are among the creative endeavours highlighted in the book.

Follow Kimberley on her socials @whatkimberleymakes and on Youtube channel.

kimbrley hind cotton fabrics
cotton fabrics by Kimberley Hind
“Remember that sewing is a creative and therapeutic activity, so take your time and savour each moment”

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