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Sewing Patterns by Masin

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Sewing Patterns by Masin, is a creation of fashion designer Jasmin.

Jasmin’s philosophy is that there is nothing more calming than sitting behind a little handmade project and enjoying the slow making. It is self-care. Creating something you love with your hands and a few tools is pure magic.

She believes in quality clothing that fits us and makes us feel beautiful. Clothing that is made to last and that we get attached to for years. She believes that the best way to get this sort of clothing is to make it ourselves.

Sewing allows us to make garments that fit our unique bodies perfectly. It gives us the power to make clothing exactly the way we want them to be. Once you own one of these perfect and personal garments, you will not declutter it and buy a new one for a long, long time. This is one of the many ways to a more sustainable relationship to fashion.

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Jasmin, sewing on a machine
Sewing patterns by masin
“With my sewing patterns, I want to share my passion for handmade clothing. I hope I can inspire you to make a piece for your wardrobe that you will love forever.” Jasmin, founder of Sewing Patterns by Masin

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